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Portland Innovation Week 2020 starts on 8/19/2020!

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We Love Portland Innovators!
We Love Portland Innovators!
The Innovation Week Director Role is Available!
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Portland Innovation
Bridge To The Future
New, Strong and Diverse
Portland Innovation Bridge To The Future
New, Strong and Diverse
First Annual Oviture™ Portland Innovation Week First Annual Oviture™
Portland Innovation Week

People in cities all over the world have discovered the power of an "Innovation Week." Local Innovators are discovered, selected to present, and inform their community on their innovative ideas and intiatives. Businesses needing innovation find new local resources. Individuals learn more about their community and share their concerns and requests for solutions.

Starting Wednesday August 19th, 2020, Portland will experience its very first Innovation Week! This week-long event will showcase innovation in Portland, and set the stage for even more growth and development.

The Oviture Portland Innovation Week 2020 ends on Tuesday August 25th, 2020 and will conclude with the "People's Choice Innovator Awards." The Innovation Week will be held annually in the future.

Powered by the Oviture™ Innovation Week platform, guests participate in free physical and virtual events, and using a state-of-the art app, search for subjects of interest, find other innovators and "jump" to Innovation Weeks all across the U.S.

Please join Oviture and those that are passionate about Innovation by participating and supporting the Oviture Portland Innovation Week 2020.

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